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Unsilencing The Library, 6 June 2017,

Publisher: Summer Inside, © Compton Verney 2018 2017

As one of six Guest Curator for the Women's Library at Compton Verney, 2018 Susan selected and reviewed 20 books to add to the shelves.

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Piece Makers: Soldiers Art Project, October 2014, by National Army Museum

Publisher: © National Army Museum, © © National Army Museum 2014

A Film about the Piece Makers Project and Peace Maker commission.

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Boîte-en-Valise:Generator, December 2017, by Point of Contact Gallery

Publisher: Boîte-en-Valise:Generator, © Point of Contact Gallery 2017

Catalogue to accompany the exhibition Boîte-en-Valise:Generator, which toured to the Venice Biennale and Point of Contact Gallery Syracuse New York.

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Created in Conflict: British Soldier Art from the Crimean War to Today, 16 March 2018, by Holly Furneaux

Publisher: Compton Verney Art Gallery, © Compton Verney 2018 2018

A catalogue for the exhibition 'Created in Conflict' at Compton Verney, March 16th-June 10th 2018.

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An image of a detail of 'Peace Maker' (showing Michael Crossan's screen printed swatch) and text about the work is shown here. The full catalogue can be purchased from Compton Verney's shop.

Cloth Clothing and Culture, 19 August 2016, by Susan Stockwell & Christine Checinska

Publisher: Iniva, © Susan Stockwell & Christine Checinska 2016

In this 'Clothes, Clothes and Culture' Group series of talks at Iniva, Dr Christine Shaw-Checinska hosts an in-conversation with artist Susan Stockwell. Framed against Lewis Hyde's linking of creativity to ‘gift', and questioning the place of creativity in contemporary culture and today's economic market, Christine and Susan will explore the materiality and haptic quality present in Susan's use of every-day ‘stuff' - cloth, bank notes, coffee, maps - to make work. What do we mean by the ‘creative spirit'? To what extent does the work make itself? And, as the process of making evolves, does the work make us as much as we make it? Listen to the talk at the bottom of the page link.

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Cultural Threads: Transnational Textiles Today. See chapter 3 'An Imagined Africa' , 11 November 2015, by Jessica Hemmings

Publisher: Bloomsbury, © Bloomsbury, ISBN 978-1-4725-2499-7 2015

Cultural Threads examines work by artists who use textiles to explore transnational politics and colonial history. Edited by Jessica Hemmings.

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Susan's work is explored in this chapter of the book, with particular reference to 'Pattern of the World' (2000). See page 94-95

Sea-Markings, 14 October 2015, by Susan Stockwell

© The University of East London 2015

A short film about 'SEA-MARKINGS' exhibition and residency at the Royal Shakespeare Company 1st April -6th September 2015

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Largest Ever Installation Commissioned at Royal Shakespeare Theatre, 13 August 2015, by James Lillywhite

Publisher: Theatre News - A Younger Theatre, © Theatre News/ James Lillywhite 2015

"The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) has commissioned the largest ever installation in their theatre."

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Cultural Mapping Story, 19 August 2015, by Ravit Harari

Publisher: Nisha Magazine, Israel, © Nisha Magazine & Ravit Harari 2015

Article about a selection of artists works addressing Topographic maps as a tools for representing geographic territories and discussions on a range of political implications inherent in them.

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Sweet Plums, 1 October 2015, by Verena Platzgummer

Publisher: Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, © Patrick Heide Contemporary Art & Susan Stockwell 2015

Catalogue essay and images for the exhibition Sweet Plums

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