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Hepworth Film - trailer, 1 February 2021, by Unity House

Publisher: Sky Arts / Unity House, © Unity House 2021

Short trailer from the Shy Arts film, 'Hepworth' a contemporary and refreshing take on the life and work of Barbra Hepworth, with artists, designers and curators commentry.

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Provenance No. 1, 1 March 2021, by Daan Van Dartel

Publisher: Provenance Tropenmuseum, © Daan Van Dartel/Tropenmuseum 2021

Book chapter p.69 - "Susan Stockwell’s Territory Dress: Contemporary Art and Fashion in a Dutch Ethnographic Museum Daan van Dartel" Territory Dress is based on a larger understanding of the determining role of trade and colonialism in shaping today’s world. It aims to support the broader process of decolonisation of the museum and its collections and to create a larger awareness among visitors and society at large about the ways in which colonialism still shapes contemporary life. The artwork was commissioned because of its power to address strong and often violent histories. Territory Dress uses the language of fashion, through the form of a dress, to make the narratives of colonialism accessible to a diverse range of visitors.

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In 2015, the National Museum of World Cultures (NMVW) approached British artist Susan Stockwell for a commission based on her previous work of map dresses.

Susan Stockwell: “Hidden Histories, Untold Stories”, 28 February 2015, by Julia Johnson

Publisher: MessyLines, © MessyLines 2015

A review of the exhibition 'Hidden Histories, Untold Stories' at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery

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Hidden Histories, Untold Stories - film, 24 March 2021, by Arts & Heritage

Publisher: Arts & Heritage, © Arts & Heritage 2021

This short film gives an introduction to the exhibition 'Hidden Histories, Untold Stories' and to the collection at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery. 'Hidden Histories, Untold Stories' is part of the Meeting Point 2018-2019 programme, and is displayed at Warrington Museum and Art Gallery in the North West from 24 October 2020 – 18 April 2021. The exhibition highlights the museum’s role as a cultural collector and storyteller, and brings to life some of the untold stories behind its 200,000 objects. The exhibition also explores themes around social change, consumerism and how museums across the world are reframing their collections to better reflect the communities, cultures and people they represent. While hanging this show Susan made interventions into the museum’s collection selecting artefacts that both celebrated the collection and shed light on imperial histories, including objects that are being considered for return to their place of origin. The sculptures were made with specially sourced industrial and consumer objects, which were juxtaposed amongst the museum’s collection objects, creating dialogues that explore themes of consumerism, trade, expansionism and the wilful destruction of the planet. There are works in the main Art Gallery, Ethnology/World Stories Gallery and Cabinet of Curiosity Gallery.

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Susan Stockwell’s Territory Dress: Contemporary Art and Fashion in a Dutch Ethnographic Museum, September 2020, by Daan Van Dartel

Publisher: Provenance, © 2020 Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen / Tropenmuseum 2020

This is a chapter from the book 'Provenance'. Daan van Dartel, Curator Popular Culture and Fashion, discusses her decision to commission a project on trade and colonialism by Susan Stockwell with the artist herself. Van Dartel gives Stockwell the space to unravel the links between the museum’s provenance and colonialism in her own words. Stockwell’s dress combines the language of fashion in the form of a dress with maps of colonial territories, linking the territorial claiming of the female body and the colonial landscape. The project marks a broader initiative by NMVW to commission work by contemporary artists that engages with the provenance of the museum’s colonial past.

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Edited by Sarah Johnson (Curator Middle East and North Africa) and Fanny Wonu Veys (Curator Oceania), with a foreword by Henrietta Lidchi (Chief Curator) Lay-out: Sidestone Press, Leiden Cover design: Buro Millennial, Leiden ISBN 978-90-8890-960-3

“Shopping Trolleys Are Great Metaphors”: Susan Stockwell Unpacks the Hidden Histories of Warrington Museum, September 2020,

Interview by Javier Pes with Susan Stockwell in her studio discussing work with a focus on the exhibition 'Hidden Histories, Untold Stories' at Warrington Museum and Art Gallery 23rd October 2020 -30th January 2021

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Hidden Histories, Untold Stories, October 2020,

Publisher: ArtRabbit, © ArtRabit 2020

Article about Susan exhibition 'Hidden Histories, Untold Stories' at Warrington Museum and Art Gallery 24th Oct - 31st January 2021

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50 Women Sculptors, September 2020, by Introduction Joanna Sperryn-Jones & Melissa Hamnett

Publisher: 50 Women Sculptors, © supernova books 2020

How many women sculptors can you name? This book will challenge perceptions that sculpture is a male pursuit and help you to understand the work and lives of dozens of women sculptors – significant artists from the past as well as those working in the exciting and varied world of sculpture today. Dozens of colour photographs are featured alongside the words of the artists themselves.

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Susans work is condensed into one chapter (p174)

Extract from 'The Blueness of Water in Cartography, Culture and Art: Conventions, Ontological Security, and Creativity', 1 June 2020, by Jörn Seeman

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group, LLC, © American Association of Geographers 2020

An extract discussing my piece 'River of Blood', 2010 from an academic essay about the use of colour in cartography.

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We Are All in This Together - Artwork of the Week, 7 May by Edward Fennell

Publisher: Law Diary, THE TIMES, © Edward Fennell / THE TIMES

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