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The Art of Walking: a field guide, 1 April 2013, by David Evans

Publisher: black dog publishing 2012 London UK, © black dog publishing ltd the artists and authors 2013

Susan’s piece Taking a Line for a Walk from 2002 is included in a new book The Art of Walking: A Field Guide Edited by David Evans. The book examines different types of walkers, from Dandies to Pilgrims, as well as the relationship that walking has had with 20th century art.

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Contributors include Marina Abramović, Francis Alÿs, Janet Cardiff, Bruce Nauman, Jeremy Deller, Richard Long.

'It's the British Empire Story After a Fashion', 26 July 2011,

Publisher: The Yorkshire Post, © The Yorkshire Post 2011

Article about Susan's sculpture 'Empire Dress' and its placing amongst the galleries permanent collection. It is displayed in the Burton Gallery alongside other works of empire including Sir Joshua Reynolds’ 18th century painting of Captain John Foote, who worked for the East India Company.

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Where I find Inspiration, 14 January 2011, by Rachel Dixon

Publisher: The Guardian, © Rachel Dixon / The Guardian 2011

Article about how artists find inspiration through travel and places.

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Susan Stockwell, 1 July 2011, by Lilia Stambalova

Publisher: Eva magazine, © Eva magazine 2011

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Maps for Navigating to a New Perspective, 14 December 2010, by Sylviane Gold

Publisher: New York Times, © New York Times 2010

See paragraph 7

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A Chinese Dream, 1 December 2010, by Victoria and Albert Museum

Publisher: Victoria and Albert Museum, © Victoria and Albert Museum 2010

A film about Susan's work and processes made in her studio.

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A Toxic Nave of Parts, July 2010, by Teleri Lloyd-Jones

Publisher: Crafts Magazine no. 225, © Crafts Magazine 2010

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Susan Stockwell York, 19 June 2010, by Robert Clark

Publisher: The Guardian, © The Guardian / Robert Clark 2010

'Susan Stockwell misuses everyday objects and domestic materials to enchanting effect. Past installations have included a map of the world painted with tea on teabag paper and a quilt woven from Chinese banknotes. Here she floods the nave of the church-cum-arts-centre with an intricate sculpture mass-constructed from four tonnes of computer components. Stockwell, while playing with themes of consumer waste, refers to the "toxic exquisiteness" of her hi-tech raw materials, hinting at the double-edged fascination her best work generates. There's an aspect here of simply putting contrasting elements together to see what aesthetic and metaphorical charms might arise.'

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The Guide Exhibitions

Cartographic Imagery in Contemporary Art, June 2010, by Hwa Young Caruso and John Caruso Jr.

Publisher: International Journal of Multicultural Education, © Hwa Young Caruso and John Caruso Jr. 2010

About the exhibition, 'Cartographic Imagery in Contemporary Art'. See page 3 for Susan's work 'Highland Dress'.

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Sculpture recalls Florence Nightingale's role as pioneering writer, 19 April 2010, by Maev Kennedy

Publisher: The Guardian, © The Guardian / Maev Kennedy 2010

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