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Pick of the Week, December 1998, by Sue Hubbard

Publisher: Time Out, © Time Out 1998

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Making the Most of Everyday Needs, 26 January 1994, by Jon Stock

Publisher: The Telegraph Newspaper, © Jon Stock /The Telegraph 1994

About Susan Stockwell's Paper Installation at Bernard Jacobson's that attracted press because of the use of toilet paper, shocking in it's day!

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Susan Stockwell- In The Public Space, January 2012, by The Hobson Brothers

Publisher: Vimeo, © The Hobson Brothers, ATP media 2012

Film about the making and installation of 'World'. commission for the University of Bedfordshire

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Susan Stockwell: Revisiting the Colonial, 1 March 2012, by Jessica Hemmings

Publisher: Surface Design Journal, © Jessica Hemmings 2012

Along with textiles, tea, coffee and rubber were traded extensively between the colonies (site of production) and Europe (site of consumption) during the colonial era. These products are now intimately connected to the legacy of colonial conquest and the cultural displacement widely recognized as a result of colonisation. Today, an uneven distribution of wealth and power across the globe has caused many historians and cultural critics to suggest that there is little about the world that has progressed towards the postcolonial. Instead, the old colonial powers of Britain and many of the Western European countries continue to wield global influence on both economic and cultural levels. British sculptor Susan Stockwell explores these themes, both in a historical and a contemporary context, in works fashioned out of the very materials of the colonial project: tea, coffee, rubber.........

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World at The University of Bedfordshire , January 2012, by The University of Bedfordshire

Publisher: School of Art and Design University of Bedfordshire,

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Q & A WITH ARTIST SUSAN STOCKWELL, June 2012, by discosalt

Publisher: discosalt, New Art, © discosalt, New Art 2012

Article about Susan Stockwell in Conversation at CUCHIFRITOS

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