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'SAIL AWAY' was a large scale interactive installation shown in TATE Modern's Turbine Hall in April 2013, commissioned as part of the Hyperlink Festival. The installation featured hundreds of small boats made from old paper money, tickets and maps from all over the world. The boats snaked through the Turbine Hall echoing the Thames river, which runs alongside. Exploring the idea of 'six degrees of separation 'Sail Away' considered connections through travel, trade, mapping, personal and social histories. The materials used represent the unknown links we have with the past and each other. Boats are often symbolic of the transition from the material to the spiritual world, acting as carriers for our dreams and vessels for our adventures. Stockwell's original flotilla consisted of 300 boats created by her studio in collaboration with Tate Collective. Once installed the audience were invited to interact with the work by making and adding their own boat. Over the course of the festival 800 people made and added their boats resulting in a huge flotilla which filled the Turbine Hall. 'Sail Away' was curated by Stockwell and Tate Collective, a national youth network in the visual arts for young people aged 15–25, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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