B-side Ecology, Solo Exhibition, 2008

MEME Space, Hong's Foundation for Education & Culture, Roosecelt Road, Taipei, Taiwan

21st September - November 2008

The term B-side came from vinyl record music's practice of laying songs that are considered by the producers to be more likely to become hits onto a preferred A-side and putting tracks that are considered more secondary, or having less chances of making it to the charts, onto B-side. Since flipping the vinyl record takes effort and intention, B-side tracks don't fit into any main features and often don't make it anywhere. B-side is also seriously below low-tech by today’s technological standards.

Swamped by A-side debates exploding from the awakening of our environmental crisis, is there a much more personal way to relate to our own contribution to this mess other than the abstract economic notion of carbon footprinting? Can our cultural expressions be measured by scientific rigor? Can environmental science be emotionally felt? Is there a B-Side to our cultural ecology?

Susan Stockwell

Accumulation, transformation, detritus, debris, everyday materials are all recurrent themes in Susan's work. Meticulously hand crafted, the benign sublime beauty in Susan's work belies the devastating effects of our culture and our role in shaping it. Look more closely, and one is confronted by a cultural urgency of global-proportions. Political and cultural colonization, globalize waste and consumption are reconfigured by Susan's work into a new festering eco system of meaning that slowly seeps like the rising ocean level.

Exhibition Images

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