'River of Blood' was part of the exhibition Who's Map is It? new mapping by artists. Made from laser cut vinyl, based on road maps of East London formed into the shape of the Thames.

The exhibition 'Who's Map is It?' was the culmination of a 3 year collaborative mapping mapping project with INIVA and The Royal Geographic Society, see also 'Creative Compass'. Artists worked in schools, colleges and community centres in East London on projects with students and local communities with the theme of mapping. 'River of Blood' forms the shape of the River Thames snaking across the window.

The red arteries refer to roads, the arterial forms of the body and river tributaries. The piece is mounted on the window, the area of the INIVA gallery window forms a skin between the inside and outside of the gallery space. The Thames famously divides London providing a demarcation between North and South, a barrier that some refuse to cross and defines the city's shape making it recognisable. The title references the bodily blood red arteries and a quote by Winston Churchill where he referred to the River Thames as the "silver artery of the Empire". Obviously the Thames brought riches to Britain but in that process much blood was shed, hence the title 'River of Blood'.

This evolved from a cut-out bus map of South London, 'Red Road Arteries'.

Measurements: 8 m

Material: laser cut vinyl

Provenance: involved various schools, coll

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