All Stitched-Up Florence Nightingale Museum & Touring


A collaborative project beginning at the Florence Nightingale Museum, London involving people who working in Lambeth Recycling Department and local artists. We set up workshops inviting Lambeth Recyclers to take part. Each participant was given a swatch of material that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill site. They made something about themselves with this swatch and I put the 25 resulting pieces into a patchwork quilt. The quilt then went onto the exhibition 'All-Stitched Up' at the Florence Nightingale Museum along side a quilt embroidered by inmates at Wandsworth Prison, 'What it is and What it is Not', a historic quilt made from Florence Nightingale nurses uniforms and a piece called 'Notes on Nursing' by me made with £10 notes with Florence Nightingale on them and maps depicting her life's journeys.

This project then went on to be shown at Patrick Heide Contemporary Art Gallery with more of the prisoners quilts that were for sale via Fine Cell Works, an organisation who's remit is to go into prisons and sew with inmates and then sell their products to raise funds for the prisoners rehabilitation.

Date: 2011

Measurements: 180 x180 cm

Material: blankets, wool, paper, plastic, cloth, umbrellas, mixed media

Provenance: London, UK

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