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Originally 'Jerusalem', hung with dress making pins, was fully stretched out as the complete map of mainland UK. Soon after Brexit I was dismantling it by taking out the lower pins first when I realised that with the bottom half left hanging loose (i.e. England and Wales) the work had a new meaning in relation to Brexit. Scotland is whole but the bottom of the UK has dropped out; England and Wales flop down, loose and flaccid, with no form. Like a rag doll, these old, tired, moth eaten, neglected countries have been left hanging, abandoned, sad and useless. The Promised Land, Jerusalem, our green and pleasant land, that we built over the last 40 years has been unraveled by the hands of politicians and the press.
As Jonathan Jones puts it in a recent review of the work in the Guardian “Scotland looks proper and correct, yet Brexit-voting England and Wales are collapsing in a shapeless mess. Brexit is not strengthening national identity in this acidic knit but melting this sceptred isle........"

Date: 2019

Material: Knitted wool, dress making pins

Provenance: London, UK

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